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GreenTorch Emergency Lighting

Every building manager knows the difficulty of maintaining the proper working conditions of the exit and emergency lighting system of the property. OSHA requirements are sometimes overwhelming and get pushed to the back burner. Then one day the fire inspector walks in and cites the facility for lack of compliance. The batteries are out of date, the bulbs are burnt out and there are no logs to show the testing and maintenance that is required by law. In a mad dash the there is a need to bring everything up to code. The local hardware store or electrical contractor has access to only a limited supply of products. Where do you turn? is designed to provide you with everything that you need to bring your building up to code with innovative products designed to lower cost and improve adherence. Why do exit sign prices fluctuate so much among vendors? Why do I see signs that look the same but cost so differently? What should I look for?

LED Exit Signs

Energy efficiency is one of the biggest concerns for most building designers. Of course, the client wants energy efficient emergency lighting—it’s cheaper. Energy efficient lighting lowers electrical costs, and it can satiate their need for environmentally friendly lighting as well. Because exit signs both increase building safety and make it easier for the public to make use of buildings, it’s vital that there be plenty of signs marking all exits. Exit signs can consume quite a bit of energy, so it is of special importance that exit signs be energy efficient while still being illuminated to the point that they’re easily seen for maximum safety. When it comes to combining energy efficiency and brightness, LED exit signs are the answer. Control Scan

LED Exit Signs

Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, are bright and efficient. They’re popular for use in a variety of capacities including car headlights because they provide such clear and illuminating light. When compared to more traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights, LED lights are the better choice. They are more durable and damage-resistant, and they provide steady, consistent and strong illumination, never flickering. Perhaps the most glaring difference between LED lights and their more traditional competitors is that they’re much more energy efficient. They can provide more light using far less energy than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. This makes LED lights perfect for use in public building exit signs. Safety is every building designer’s number one concern, but finding an exit sign that provides both satisfactory illumination and energy efficiency is key. Today’s public buildings are getting bigger, and this means an even greater number of exit signs. Each one of those signs requires electricity, and that can add up to big bills if designers aren’t savvy about the exit sign choices they make. Still, it’s essential that designers not skimp on the brightness, reliability and durability of their illuminated emergency exit signs.